Vocal Activism

Through the mediums of music and speech I call into question the status quo and inspire change. The premise of living is that we are never stagnant but

continuously evolving with one another and our environment.  My Vocal Activism topics, Soul Mate and Beautiful Roots, are available in several time formats with the option of including a live music segment.  Please utilize the Contact Page to Book either of these talks.


(60/90/120-min. presentation)*

Making Love First!

A workshop on Relationships


(60/90/120-min. presentation)*

Loving You from the Inside Out!

A workshop on Self Image


* This workshop includes approximately 10 minutes of live music.

Life Design Consulting Sessions


Sessions tailored to the individual journey of one’s own desire for living life from a place of worthiness. I call this, “Reaching for the Stars”: an inward reach for the shining quality that we all have within.

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