A Letter from Cantiese My mother often reminds me of the times when I was assigned the task of drawing a picture of my family as many kindergarteners often are and I proudly came home to show my work. What was particularly unique about the picture was the perspective I seem to have of myself, which was in direct reflection of how I perceived the world in my five-year-old mind. I had colored everyone “brown” but myself. Needless to say, I am a brown woman who from that time is journeying to actualize what it means to “be” outside of social constructs of categories of worth. I believe worthiness is an inborn trait that is unraveled by the perils of society that are contrary to nourishing the human experience of pure light and love. What I bring reaches beyond intellect to igniting the intuitive center when human-to-human connection happens and healing occurs. I bring this gift through the art of dialogue. With Afternoon Tea with Cantiese, I rekindle the strength of oral tradition to encourage meaningful and conscious connection. It is the experience of another that can provide the fuel for one to live on another day. My Life Design Consulting Sessions are tailored to the individual journey of one’s own desire for living life from a place of worthiness. I call this, “Reaching for the Stars”: an inward reach for the shining quality that we all have within. As an Inspirational Vocal Activist I use the mediums of music and speech to call into question the status quo and inspire change. The premise of living is that we are never stagnant but continuously evolving with one another and our environment. Warmest Regards, Cantiese

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